PTFE & Teflon Belt

Industrial Equipment Supplies Company –Lawazim, offering a wide range of PTFE Tapes and PTFE Belting
We specialize in high temperature resistant, non-stick conveyor belts as our area of expertise

PTFE Adhesive Tapes are constructed using high-performance adhesives usually offered in Silicone or acrylic.
PTFE is applied by dip-coating onto woven fiberglass to produce various grades to suit all applications.

1- PTFE Tapes: PTFE tapes, are thin strips of PTFE material with adhesive on one side. They are widely used due to their exceptional non-stick, high-temperature resistance, and chemical resistance properties.

  • Plumbing and Pipe Fittings
  • Heat Sealing
  • Food Processing
  • High-Temperature Insulation
  • Wrapping of Rollers and Guides

2. PTFE Belting:

PTFE belting, also known as conveyor belts or mesh belts, is made from woven PTFE-coated fiberglass or other synthetic materials. These belts are used in various industries where high-temperature, non-stick, and chemical-resistant properties are required:

  • Food Industry: PTFE belting is widely used in food processing applications such as baking, cooking, freezing, and drying.
    The non-stick surface prevents food items from sticking to the belt, and the material’s heat resistance allows it to withstand high-temperature cooking processes.
  • Textile Industry
  • Packaging Industry: PTFE belting is employed in heat sealing machines to prevent packaging materials from adhering to the belts during the sealing process.
  • Chemical Industry
  • Electronics Industry

In both PTFE tapes and PTFE belting, the key properties that make PTFE suitable for these applications are its non-stick surface, chemical resistance, wide temperature range tolerance, and low friction.
These properties ensure efficiency, reliability, and safety in various industrial processes.


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PTFE & Teflon Belt

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