Airport and Logistics Industry

Lawazim offers a wide range of products which is suitable for any type of application in the airport and Logistics sector.

Flame Retardant conveyor belts according to ISO 340 / DIN 22103 available

  • Nonwoven conveyor and processing belts
  • X-ray scanning
  • checking-in & weighing
  • Standard PVC conveyor belts
  • High-duty conveyor and processing belts
  • Extra line conveyor and processing belts

Special features for the airport and Logistics  use include:

  • An Energy Saving Concept that in combination with selected belts can achieve a significant reduction in power consumption.
  • Low noise for a quiet, pleasant passenger area and environmentally friendly working conditions.
  • Flame-retardant and anti-static to minimize (fire) hazards.
  • Impact-resistant and high friction for gentle transport and to avoid damage to baggage.
  • Abrasion-resistant, temperature resistant (FR), and weather-proof for reliable operation in various, even harsh, circumstances.

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Airport and Logistics Industry

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