Red Brick Manufacturing

Industrial Equipment Supplies Company –Lawazim offers specialized conveyor belts tailored for the red brick industry, meticulously designed to withstand challenging and extremely harsh conditions inherent in brick manufacturing.

These belts ensure high reliability, energy efficiency, and easy maintenance while minimizing downtime.

Our belting solutions cater to various process stages:

  • Raw Material Preparation: Conveyor belts transport clay and sand, essential raw materials, For brick production, ensuring a continuous supply for the mixing process.
  • Mixing: Prepared materials are conveyed to the mixing area via belts, ensuring consistent and thorough blending.
    Brick Forming: Conveyor belts transport the well-mixed blend to shaping machines, precisely moving material into molds for accurate brick shapes.
  • Drying: Bricks are carried to drying areas using conveyor belts, optimizing space, and air circulation for efficient natural drying.
  • Firing: Conveyor belts facilitate brick transportation into kilns for firing, contributing to uniform heat distribution.
  • Cooling and Sorting: Post-firing, hot bricks are transferred to cooling zones with the help of conveyor belts.
    Packaging and Distribution: Conveyor belts play a crucial role in transporting sorted, cooled bricks to packaging and distribution points.

Throughout the manufacturing process, conveyor belts serve as a lifeline, ensuring seamless material and product Flow between stages. Their precision, reliability, and efficiency are vital for achieving top-quality red bricks and Optimizing production workflows.

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Red Brick Manufacturing

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